Photography Courses | Private Tuition (Christchurch)

Courses are based in Christchurch for beginners to advanced. However I'm planning on doing workshops in other centres in the near future. Private tuition is also available here or in your location if preferred.
With over 23 years photography tutoring experience combined with over 25 years of running my own studio - I have a lot of knowledge to share.

I really enjoy passing on my skills and have a relaxed attitude to practical and classroom learning. Learning can be fun. I especially enjoy seeing students returning to do my other courses - in fact many have completed all my courses to date.

I offer a new classroom/studio facilities available in Avonhead, Christchurch. Specializing in small groups up to ten people. Courses are varied from night classes and weekend workshops. Future subjects include:

      Advanced portraiture
      Intro to Photography
      Adobe Photoshop level 1 & 2
      Adobe Lightroom level 1 & 2
      Wedding Photography
      People Pets and Kids
      Fine Art Nude
      High Dynamic Range photography (HDR)
      Natural and Studio Lighting workshops

Some courses are aimed at beginner level and are two tier, for example; LightroomONE & LightroomTWO.

Specializing in small groups allows more one-on-one tuition. Weekend workshops allow for people from out of town to attend plus, I think it's a better way to learn. For more info click on the contact button and email me and I will send you the details or phone 027 436 7272.

Classroom | studio setup

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Upcoming Photography Courses

I will send you relevant information for each course.  For computer based courses (ie, Lightroom/Photoshop ) please bring along a laptop (or computer) with the software already installed and running. Morning/afternoon teas included & power points are provided.

To get more info or if you want to be included on our email list please email me using the CONTACT above or Tel 027 436 7272.

2020 courses

Photography for Beginners - weekend workshop

Nov 7 & 8, 9:00am-4:30pm, 2020

This 2 day workshop is designed to teach the basics and a great chance to upskill before the holiday season. We explore how to take better photos plus setting up your camera. Also a good choice as a refresher course.
A hands-on and classroom course for anyone with a mirrorless, compact or DSLR. 

Lightroom Classic 1 - Weekend Workshop

October 10/11, 2020

Of all the courses, I personally recommend Adobe Lightroom as the best, once you have taken your images. Learn how to store, find, edit & share your images. This software was a game changer for me, being a long time user of Adobe Photoshop. However, Lightroom & Photoshop work collectively, but if I could only have one software it would be LR.
Adobe Lightroom is the gold standard for amateur and professional photo storing and editing.

Book now $245

Lightroom Classic 2 - Weekend Workshop

 next course 2021

A follow on from Lightroom Classic 1, and for those who have been using LR & want to take it to the next level. This covers more advanced techniques and time-saving ideas and settings to get you working more productively. 

Photoshop for beginners - Thursday evenings

Oct 8 - Nov 26 2020 8 evenings 7:00-9:00pm

The ultimate in photo manipulation. This is for beginners and for those who have fought with Adobe Photoshop. A great way to learn with 2 hour sessions and practice in between. Email me for more course  information. Limited to 10 only.

Book now $275

People Pets & Kids - Weekend Workshop

 September 19/20, 2020

A fun beginners/intermediate course on how to photograph everyone in the family and beyond. Learn techniques with a mix of classroom and practical shooting in typical situations. A hands-on course with various photo shoots for you to try new techniques.


Black & white Photography - 1-day workshop

next course 2021

This is designed to teach the basics of black and white techniques and editing. Before digital photographers' used coloured filters to emphasise different tones. Now we use editing to bring out the nuances that B+W requires. Learn how to bring B+W to the next level. Prerequisite is basic understanding of Lightroom or equivalent.


Panoramas 1-day workshop

September 5 , 2020 Saturday 7:30-3pm 

Panorama's are amazing, especially if you need to cover a wide field of view, or need a large image for a wall etc. There are a quite a few tricks to make you image stand out. We will cover the best techniques in a practical shoot session and do some editing and post production in the classroom after lunch. 


Lighting Weekend Workshop

September 26/27, 2020. 9:00ap-4:00pm

This two day hand-on workshop is all about lighting and how to use it. We explore exposure, natural outdoor & window lighting and how to recreate it with flash indoors. Starting with one-light and advancing from there. We will cover off-camera speed lights, portable flash and studio lights as well.
You will learn the different effects various diffusers and accessories can achieve. Ever wondered how to use a softbox vs umbrella or which I should buy? This workshop is very hands-on so numbers are limited with some one-on-one tuition.


2021 courses

UAV (Drone) photography

Saturday January 23rd 9:00 - 4:30pm

A 1-day course on how to shoot awesome aerial pictures. This course concentrates on capturing still images, panoramas and putting it together in post production. I will be using Adobe Lightroom but you can apply the same principles to most software. The course will consist of doing a photo shoot and returning to the classroom for a full edit to completion. This is a hands on course - very limited numbers


Lightroom Classic - Thursday evenings

January 28  2021, 7-9pm (8 evenings) 

An introductory level course for beginners and intermediate users. Adobe Lightroom Classic is the gold standard for amateur and professional photo storing and editing. Lightroom is for organizing  your files & getting all the data from your image - the recommended "go-to" software for all photographers. This is ideally suited to beginners or anyone whishing to update their skills with the new version. Topics covered are: initial setup, maintaining a logical system, finding images easily, photo editing, printing and optimizing for social media, global and selective adjustments etc. Also we will include the latest features recently introduced plus more advanced techniques, this course is also ideal for anyone who has completed the Lightroom1 course. Email me if you require more course information.

Book now $275

Wedding Photography - Two day Workshop

August 14/15 2021

This is for anyone interested in wedding photography. Whether you are about to shoot your first wedding or experienced and want to up-skill, this is for you. Emphasis will be on posing, locations & backgrounds, tricky lighting techniques, post production techniques & how to get that special shot. We will also cover the costs and how to price your work. $245

Flash photography
One-day Workshop

Date to be announced, 2021

This one day workshop is for anyone with an add-on flash or anyone considering purchasing one. We will look at various ways to improve using add-on flash plus we will cover simple off-camera techniques. Controlling light is the key to successful pictures under difficult lighting. This will open a whole new component to your photography. An excellent course for anyone doing wedding or portrait photography.


Winter Landscape - Workshop

June 17, 19 & 24, 2021 -Two evenings plus an all day Saturday field trip

An intermediate course on how to photograph landscapes. Learn techniques with a mix of classroom and practical shooting in typical situations. This consists of two Thursday evenings and an all day landscape shoot, to cover sunrise (7:50am) and sunset (5:01pm).The first evening we will look at equipment and techniques. The second evening is a show and tell and how to edit your images. We will cover inner city and rural, mountains etc.


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